Thank you for considering Psi Delta Chi Military Sorority, Inc.  We stand on our core values of Courage, Empowerment, and Loyalty.  This application is for those who are willing to stand for their communities and make a change within themselves.  We will need substantiating proof that you are / were in good standing with the military for a minimum of two (2) years.  Below are the instructions for completing the entire application process.  Once you are complete with filling out the application, please submit it, along with the following:  

1)  Completed Membership Application (see below)  

2)  Proof of Military Service (Completed a minimum of two (2) years of service. Black out all PII): 

      a.  Discharge or Retirement Orders, OR 

      b.  DD214, OR 

      c.  Current Service Member Referral Letter (This is only for those currently serving in the military).  Must have signature from E-6 or above 

 3) Be a female (born) military veteran currently serving or previously served

 4) Attend an informational session

 5)  Security Background check (see below and make sure its for VOLUNTEER, or you will be charged more)

 6) Application processing fee $25.00.

  Please email all paperwork as ONE (1) .pdf document to and labeled as follows:

For more assistance, contact us at with any questions regarding this application. Please download application in .pdf format.

 Membership Application

 Sentry Link Background Check

INtake Fees

 Payments may be made in one full payment of $700.00 OR two (2) Payments of $350.00 (Must be paid in full by the Monday prior to starting week 1)

      a.  A 50% refund will awarded back to member within week one (1)

      b. A 25% refund will be awarded back to member within week two (2)

      c. No refunds will be given the start of week three (3)

      d. Payments can be made via Paypal or Cashapp.  *If you are using PayPal, please add 16.25 for taxes.*